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    “I have known Judge Rory Olsen, now retired from Harris County Probate Court Number Three (3), for more than twenty years because I appeared in his courts for probate, guardianship, and mental health law matters. Many of the cases in which I was involved were uncontested and (fairly) routine, such as a will probate, heirship proceeding, or uncontested guardianship, but many cases were complex, full of legal challenges, and emotionally draining for the families. Judge Olsen consistently approached each case with fairness and a high expectation of the attorneys appearing before him to be prepared, to follow decorum, and to treat each other and all litigants with respect. Judge Olsen listens to the matters and people before him to resolve the issues as judiciously as possible. He always conducted his courts and himself ethically, dependently, and with the highest of standards.”
    Michele K. Goldberg